What we do

We Invest
in the Future.

01 Investing in the future

Impact Driven Investments

We believe the most interesting investments we can make today are those with a real impact on how we will live tomorrow. Gravity Global is driven by the need to create a synergistic group of companies which aspire to reach the sky.

By building a network of companies which are alike in their innovative spirit but diverse in their specific competencies, Gravity Global is creating a self-propelling entity of brands that make it easier for both new and ongoing ventures to get off the ground.


For Revolutionary Wellness

Years of in-depth management experience led us formally into hospitality with the formation of Gravity Global Hospitality. With this venture, we aim to transform the way we live through innovative wellness offerings, biohacks and access to experts in better living.

Gravity Global aims to bring such luxury and revolutionary wellness offerings to those who desire exceptional quality and attention to detail. Projects include state-of-the-art members wellness clubs, such as The Club at The Ashok in New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave. With this project, we wish to create a benchmark in wellness and well-being.

03 Healthcare

For a Healthier Humanity

Gravity Global is committed to providing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to humankind, so that we may all live healthier and longer lives. With its talented clinicians and cutting-edge technology, Gravity Global sees India as an inspiration to the world in the sphere of healthcare.

Gravity Global HealthTech was started by a team with diverse experiences and a passion to fulfill an unmet demand in the Indian healthcare sector. The company focuses on problem-solving applications for both private and public enterprises.

GG HealthTech is also an authorized distributor for SD Biosensor, the leading Korean manufacturer of Covid-19 test kits.

04 Infrastructure

For a Firm Future

Gravity Global has acquired a breadth of experience completing stressed infrastructure projects by injecting both knowledge and funding into ongoing ventures, adding value by improving quality and ensuring timely completion.

By applying their deep expertise, the group has participated in the completion of major projects within healthcare, parking and transportation, and water distribution systems.

05 Technology

For More Meaningful Connections

Gravity Global believes that investments in cutting-edge technologies and tech firms are integral to the success of our future ventures.

To solidify technology as a core offering of Gravity Global, we have recently formed TechnoX, a company consisting of a team of highly enthusiastic, energetic and tech-savvy engineers.

Specific points of interest include artificial intelligence, gaming, machine learning, AR / VR, end-to-end security, ERP systems, e-commerce or any turn-key solutions