Ongoing projects


01 Education

Starc Educational Platform

Our current education system is built on making a living rather than making a life.

Starc is a powerful and revolutionary educational platform geared towards the 21st century. As the first centralized educational management system, Starc aims to increase user’s motivation for learning and teaching.

The platform also helps nurture a desire to help each other apply new skills and share in knowledge-building activities by making collaboration simple.

The Starc platform will bridge significant gaps in the current educational system and provide a path towards a more enriched life through education across the globe.

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02 Healthcare

Bharat app

Connecting doctors & patients preventing covid-19 spread.


World’s first and India’s finest

We have a strategic joint venture with a leading luxury hospitality brand to create a state-of-the-art members Club in the heart of Delhi, a diplomatic enclave at The Ashok Hotel. This project is being built over a space of 1.25 acres and includes the finest Wellness Club with a fantastic gym, salon, cryotherapy and more.

04 Seekright

Artificial Intelligence Road Analytics

Roads are the backbone of any country's infrastructure - Monitoring and maintaining these roads is the biggest challenge.

SeekRight technology is one of our flagship projects on the road to changing the status quo on how we do road analytics today.

AI-based Road analytics explicitly developed for monitoring and maintaining the road automatically.

05 Cleartrail

Intercept, Collect & Analyse Communication Data

We are delighted to partner with Clear Trail, specializing in technology for intelligence data and analytics used by the cyber crime police, security forces, intelligence, and RAW.

ClearTrail enables investigators to analyze and extract behavioral insights from volumes of encrypted IP data and voice calls and derives intelligence from social media platforms, dark web, and secure websites.


06 Crypto mining

Mining the way forward

Blockchain technology is the future of distributed and decentralized systems for recording and documenting transactions that take place not only in cryptocurrency but also in an array of applications based on blockchain technology.

We are already seeing a lot of blockchain-based applications being adopted by governments and huge brands.

So there is a massive demand for blockchain mining and processing centers which are specialized centers to process complex computing blocks and facilitate these transactions.

Also, the entire center will use Green sources of energy like Solar or Wind, which makes it environment friendly and sustainable.