Our impact


01 Dream accelerator

From incubation to acceleration

The involvement of Gravity Global Group exists somewhere near the intersection of business incubation and acceleration.

As a passionate and active partner, our network of talent will offer whatever support necessary to ensure the success of the venture.

Involvement activities and benefits:

  • Innovation assessment
  • Business plan evaluation
  • Access to sector experts
  • Financial support
  • Commercialisation strategy
  • An ecosystem for growth
Meraj Khan, Founder and Visionary

“I'm fascinated by human nature.
I believe we all are gifted with a unique set of skills. My art is to wash away the dust and provide a free space that allows the artist to be an artist - that's magic for me.”

Course correcting the future


We feel that the most interesting investments we can make today, are those that can truly challenge and shape the way we live, ensuring a brighter future for humankind. Therefore, we invest in individuals with visionary ideas. If you dare to dream a big dream that aligns with our core values and vision, we can help you make it a reality.

A network of talent


Gravity Global is built on a foundational team of strategic collaborators, and has sought to preempt future challenges by owning the solutions to past ones. We also create and maintain a network of connections with sector specialists in a breadth of areas. This helps us create a synergy to every project that is undertaken.

A strategy for growth


Because we have a history of undertaking new ventures from the ground up, we are adept at creating the most appropriate business strategy for different sectors. With our expertise in venture development, market positioning, and technological optimisation, we can help you develop a business model primed for execution and positioned for growth.

Accelerating dreams


Dreams need capital to get them off the ground. When we make a commitment to your big idea, we make a commitment to see it through to the end. We inject both our energy and capital, providing the logistical lift to get it off the ground and up where eagles soar. With our synergistic network of partners, we optimise injections for the greatest returns.

In sync with opportunity


It’s not everything, but success in business is more than a good idea and the capital to back it. It’s also crucially about coordinating with the needs and desires of the global business environment. By applying our collective experience and instinct for going to market at the exact right time, we are able to manifest an optimal opportunity for success.