GG Green

The Road Towards Sustainability

A Sustainable Ecosystem

Who we are

As a subsidiary of Gravity Global Group, GG Green is driven toward developing a sustainable ecosystem of businesses that will help lead the world towards a much greener and healthier tomorrow.

We have previously proven ourselves to be proactive and diligent problem solvers of complex environmental challenges, and we intend to continue expanding our expertise and knowledge where it is required.

We have gathered a team of partners from companies across several sectors to assemble the necessary know-how and determination to complete several ambitious projects over the next few years. These projects will help create a cleaner and more secure future for India and the rest of the world.

What we do

The Road Ahead Is Paved With Green Intentions

We believe the most interesting investments we can make today are those with a real impact on how we will live tomorrow. GG Green is driven by the need to create a synergistic group of companies which aspire to paint the future green.

Like it’s parent entity, GG Green is building a network of companies that are alike in their innovative spirit but diverse in their specific competencies. In this way, we aim to create a self-propelling network of brands that facilitate the development of both new and ongoing ventures.


GG Green endeavours to use human energy to harness renewable clean energy. With an ecocentric approach, we are interested in investing in partnerships and technologies that are not just solving problems, but paving the way to a better future for humanity.


To become the most impactful green technology organization, with a dynamic ecosystem of companies that are self-sufficient and based on 100% renewable energy.

Solar & Hydrogen

What we are going to do

We recognise that energy is the new gateway to the future. As the world evolves, technology has an ever-increasing impact on daily life, making energy our primary source of liability. Therefore, GG Green projects center largely around powering a cleaner future for us all using the unending energy of the sun, and working toward solving the problem of efficiently moving clean energy from one location to another.

Additionally, our constant goal is to connect the dots. Synergy exists in all ventures Gravity Global Group involves itself in, and GG Green initiatives are no different. Cross-disciplinary collaboration and co-development of ongoing projects ensure that no opportunity for synergistic growth goes unnoticed.

Ongoing and future projects

Solar park

As the GG Green flagship project, we are engaged in building a state-of-the-art, 100% renewable energy plant using both solar power and hydrogen technology. The transport of solar energy has continued to pose a challenge to green energy initiatives. A core objective of this project is to circumnavigate this obstacle by using the storage capabilities of hydrogen to create a clean fuel, capable of being stored and transported effectively.

Green data center

Due to the recent enactment of a law mandating that all data in India be physically stored in the country, we will be developing and building data centers that are powered entirely with clean energy.

Blockchain technology mining facility

As blockchain currency mining continues to expand globally, we will not be left behind. However, GG Green firmly believes that while crypto-currency is shaping the financial future, it should progress in concurrence with our vision of sustainability. To this end, GG Green is going to build a blockchain technology mining facility for crypto-currency that will run on 100% clean energy.

E-charging station network

Personal and government investments in transportation powered by renewable energy are ever increasing. To meet demand for a convenient and efficient means of powering vehicles, GG Green is developing a project that would see the installation of a network of e-charging stations across India.

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Let’s go green together

We are constantly securing new partners to join us on our fascinating journey towards an expansive future.

If you see yourself in our vision, and feel that you offer competencies that will bolster our ongoing or future endeavours, we would encourage you to get in touch with us.


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