About us

We Accelerate

01 Who we are


Gravity Global is a dynamic business group with interests in hospitality, technology, healthcare and infrastructure.

A talent-centric organisation, we strive to create value for stakeholders by intuitively leveraging dynamic business environments.

We look for opportunities where equity and know-how is all that's needed to help a grounded idea take flight.

02 How we work


The need to do it ourselves
Having birthed several companies out of our own need, we have sought to preempt future challenges by owning the solutions to past ones. Gravity Global comprises several sector-specific companies which help to create a synergy to every project that is now undertaken. In this way we have proven to be proactive and diligent problem solvers in complex environments.

We provide the lift
We intend to continue expanding our expertise and knowledge by helping other visionary entrepreneurs get their dreams off the ground and up where eagles fly. We encourage dreamers to become leaders and join us in our mission to help build a brighter future.

03 Mission

Propelling Possibilities

Gravity Global Group aims to support, through investment and incubation, technologies that are not just solving problems, but paving the way to a better future for mankind.

We assist both newly-formed and stalled businesses to make world-changing dreams a reality by facilitating access to an ever-growing network of sector partners.

Through the application of strategy and expertise, we will help create a legacy of enduring businesses that are adaptive, progressive and driven by cutting-edge technology.

04 Our philosophy

We’re Truly Inspired by the Truly Inpired

We believe that technology and talent can truly change the way we live today and ensure a brighter future tomorrow. Therefore, we invest in individuals with visionary ideas and inimitable expertise to make dreams a reality.

We strive to exhibit strong leadership in the global market by managing Gravity Global with passionate integrity, loyalty and accountability, and inspire innovation driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability.



Mr. Khan is a dynamic entrepreneur and a visionary at heart. He has over 20 years of diverse experience in leading significant and impactful businesses within various sectors. Through organic growth and a global mindset, he has successfully made Gravity Global a business with assets in several countries.

Under his leadership, Gravity Global has become a hub for business and innovation with a constant search for groundbreaking technologies looking to accelerate their vision into reality.


Chief Executive Officer


Abhishek leads business and strategic decisions for the company and is responsible for implementing the company's initiatives in India and overseas. During his 20 years in the hospitality industry, he has been responsible for managing the operations of leading luxury hotels and healthcare brands in India and Oman. A hotelier by profession, Abhishek has worked with leading hospitality and healthcare brands such as Oberoi, Leela, JW Marriott and Fortis Healthcare.


Chief Financial Officer


Malhotra has over 35 years of experience in finance and operations management within start-ups, as well as globally acclaimed organisations. He possesses leadership qualities and extensive experience in conceptualising measures and setting up systems and processes in order to optimise resources and capacity utilisation.


Corporate Legal Counsel

Kumar Singh

With a both a law degree and M.Sc. in Physics, Sudhanshu has two decades of rich experience in handling legal matters including arbitration, FEMA, settlement of various claims, drafting and vetting of various agreements, deeds and provident fund matters (in legal domains). He has been part of the core group of policy drafting on corporate social responsibility, audits of CSR activities and all other aspects related to CSR, including FCRA. He has corporate exposure with NDTV, CNN-IBN, ZOOM, Philips and Focus, etc., and has experience leading the corporate arm of law firms and handling the four verticals i.e. legal, secretarial, regulatory and compliances.


Chief Technology Officer


Jinesh Lalan brings over 12 years of experience in the technological domain. He is responsible for business technologies, innovation and digitalisation, and assesses all tech-related opportunities and acquisitions.

Based in Mumbai, India, Jinesh has deep experience in managing operations (business development IT, solution design, service delivery, technology practices, alliances and partnerships) in several countries across all continents. He has been involved in setting and scaling IT solutions for corporations in countries like India, US, Canada and Thailand.

Jinesh often speaks in industry forums on topics ranging from new digital economy to cyber security. An alumni of UPG College in Mumbai, Jinesh also holds a BSc in Information Technology along with international degrees and certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Sun Java Certified Systems Developer.


Chief Operating Officer and Brand Director


Mr. Yawar is a passionate, detail-oriented entrepreneur who has founded several ventures over the past 20 years in the hospitality, manufacturing, fashion, and tech industries. He has an illuminative vision when it comes to brand identity and design — simplicity with an edge.

Through business and life coaching, he has coached and motivated more than 150 employees to reach their corporate and personal goals.